Why Choose Us


TDC has employed the latest technologies available in the premixed concrete market and offers a flexible and personal approach to your business.
The main feature of this fully automated plant is a wet batch system versus the traditional dry mortar mix plants used within the Western Australian markets. The advantages of this system are greater slump control and more efficient mixing of the concrete before it is discharged into the agitator trucks.


We carry three different cement types with over 200 tonne capacity and a passive aggregate storage facility that enables us to carry as many aggregate types and sizes you require. This gives greater variety of choice to give you the quality finish you require for the end user.


We decided that to give you the service you deserve when you order your product, you will talk directly to the people responsible for your delivery.

Who We Are?

Technically Designed Concrete (TDC) is an independent concrete supplier to the Western Australian premixed concrete market. Founded in October 2010, the state of the art Batch Plant began production in December 2011, ensuring that service and technology were a priority in the plant design. We are very hands on and dedicated ensuring your project is a success and provide services to ensure our product meets your specifications.

Our Difference

Our wet-batched pre-mixed concrete is literally technically designed and made to your order specifications. We work hard to ensure your job criteria is met and provide testing services for peace of mind and assurance of application on those high spec projects. No job is too small or too large, with our range of capabilities, fleets and facilities we can easily meet the scope and size of your needs. With Paul Halbwirth’s 25 years of knowledge and experience, he knows the demands that concrete needs to meet for a growing and wide base application across many industries.

For general orders, prices and deliveries contact our Batch Plant (08) 9200 1880
To request a project quote contact our Office on (08) 9200 8800