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What Concrete is Best for My Project?

Has the time come to renovate the house? Part of a large-scale development? Or Perhaps you want to finally get a pool in the backyard for those hot summer months.

The question you need to ask is ‘what TDC concrete is best for my project?’

Concrete Pools

Not all concrete is equal, especially when it comes to aquatic features. There are three main types of concrete used in pool construction: Cast-in-place; Shotcrete; or Gunite. Each concrete has its part to play in sound pool design.

Cast-in-place is a very wet concrete mix that is poured into a mould at the site. Very effective for smooth pool floors, but limited in shapes possible for walls or vertical constructs.

Shotcrete and Gunite are pneumatically sprayed concretes, meaning they can be applied with specialised spray equipment into whatever shape desired. The difference between the two is where the water is added. Shotcrete is a wet mixture pumped onto the spray, where gunite mixes the water into concrete as it is applied.

Utilising all of these technologies allows TDC to craft whatever shape, size or style pool you need.


We all know the standard concrete driveway. You have probably driven over hundreds, but when was the last time you looked at one and thought wow?

Under the decorative stoned finishes, patterns of concrete tiles or stepping stones, there is more to a driveway than you may realise. Thorough discussion of proper driveway construction would require its own article. What you need to know is the main points of mix, thickness and drainage.

While many concrete companies in Perth mix concrete on site, TDC measures, weighs and tests all its concrete at the plant to the highest standards before sending the trucks to your site. Any compromise on the concrete mix can mean loss of strength and life of your driveway or project.

The application process of concrete thickness, and drainage ensure the concrete maximises strength and minimises water collection. While thickness directly influences the weight capacity of your driveway, increasing thickness does come with extra costs.

Talk to us at TDC about where it makes most sense to thicken the slab, places like the edges and curb-side ensure long life and minimise cracking.

Perth only rains for three months of the year, yet when the wet season arrives, a properly sloped driveway or built in drains ensure comfortable use all year round.

Domestic Homes

Want that sleek industrial look? Thinking about concrete as more than just infrastructure can produce breathtaking results. Polished floors, concrete benchtops or even bespoke, hardy bathroom surfaces can give your home a unique touch and cutting-edge feel.

Other Options

TDC offers a range of precast concrete products to suit any purpose. These include construction materials such as below ground foundations and grouts, tilt up panels, decorative products for both the home or business, or our range of premium concretes for your tricky jobs.

Any job from a backyard pool to commercial foundations, contact us at TD Concrete for the highest standards of service and concrete in Perth.

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