Premium Concrete Options

Our Premium concrete products cover a wide range of uses beyond traditional concrete applications.


TDC’s High-Strength pre-mixed concrete is made to suit your individual application using the optimal range of concrete products to achieve the required strength for your project.

  • High workability
  • Pumpable for high rise construction
  • Suitable for Wall Panels


Accelerated Concrete

TDC’s accelerated concrete is optimal for low temperature days, when you want to speed up the hydration to reduce your setting time and achieve early strength without compromising your finished product.


Optimal for winter conditions - don’t lose a day’s work because of inclement weather. Ideal for increasing set times and reduce waiting time for the surface to bear load.

Core fill

Most suitable for core fill of Masonary walls and also difficult to get to in-ground filling.


High flow ability and workable structural concrete


Our Self Compacting Concrete Mix has many benefits for use where labour savings and low noise is required.


High flowable structural concrete. Ideal for heavy steel reinforce areas. Suitable for architectural shapes and surfaces. No mechanical vibration needed



Ideal for filling delinquent ground tanks or back fill saving time effort. It’s self-levelling and self-compacting alternative to traditional back filling that can handle more load.

Steel Mix

TDC Steel mix provides is a special application mix of Steel fibres, providing a tough and durable surface and more impact resistance. Can also be used to extend joint width in floor slabs.


Warehouses, shopping centres, and special applications


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