TDC Cares About the Environment

Sustainability. Green construction. We all know the words, we all know the costs, and at Technically Designed Concrete, we take pride in exceeding governmental standards with our systems, facilities, and green concrete products. If you want to do your part in environmental sustainability, love to collect green stars for your development, or are simply curious about green concrete suppliers, read on or come talk to us.

Above and Beyond

When deciding to research ‘green concrete’ as a company, we could have done the minimum to achieve our environmental accreditation. But at TDC, we wanted to be the best, and give the best back to the environment. We hold the environmental accreditation ISO 14001, an international standard for businesses developing and continuing excellence in environmental management systems.

We take great pride in our three levels of sustainability, that meet or beat international sustainability standards. The three levels are: Our Process; Our Site; and Keeping Check.

Our Processes

Concrete isn’t a clean business. Most concrete plants impact the surrounding area with nuisances including dust and noise. We are proud of our dust control. Where industry standards allow for a portion of dust pollution as ‘acceptable’, we have committed to preventing dust completely.

Our Site

Located in Bibra Lake industrial park, we chose to settle into a blank site for two reasons: Plant design and innovation. To deliver the highest standards possible, we were unable to take over an existing plant. Our ambition has always been to be the best, and as such, we developed a cutting edge, innovative design for our plant.

Plant Design

By starting from nothing, we were able to build a plant not just to meet, but to exceed expectations of a concrete facility. Our facility pushed the limits to achieve exceptional results in dust control, noise emissions, and vastly reduce water usage.

We also designed-in the ability to manufacture ‘green concrete’. These products are concretes that leave a smaller carbon footprint through incorporation of fly ash or other similar cementitious materials into our concrete. The other condition on creating ‘green concrete’ is that production has to be carbon neutral. Finally, when made well, Green concretes can out-perform regular concretes while significantly reducing environmental impact.

Keeping Check

Are we there yet? Are we good enough?


We are our own harshest critics. At Technically Designed Concrete, we don’t believe that sustainability is an award on the wall, sustainability is about constantly pushing the standards. This is what fuels our monitoring system. We keep stringent records and constantly review our standards and processes to improve both our product and reduce our impact on the environment.

No matter the size, scale or location of your project, you can be confident that Technically Designed Concrete has the credentials, products and expertise to meet your environmental standards. Contact us today, or come down for a chat about how we can make your next project a showcase for environmental innovation.

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